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Intrusion Detection with Network Traffic Analysis



Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) is frequently overlooked when applying the SOC Visibility Triad to threat detection and response.

Many businesses today recognise the importance of following Gartner’s recommendations about the SOC Visibility Triad (Anton Chuvakin 2015, Gartner 2019), but often do not give NTA the attention it deserves, spending disproportionate amounts of time searching through the mass collections of end-point event logs.

Historically NetFlow has proven to be the protocol of choice of Network Operations (NetOps) staff when troubleshooting networking issues, but NetFlow does not deliver the detailed information demanded by Security Analysts working in fast paced Security Operations Centres (SecOps).

Sniffa Network Security Solutions combine best of breed Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) with Granular, Contextualised metadata that surpasses that gathered by traditional NetFlow collectors.

Correlating alerts from your IDS with contextualised network traffic metadata, makes detecting and responding to the ever evolving cyber attacks far simpler and will enable your Security Analysts to significantly reduce the time to detect attackers operating on your networks.

Reduce the Time to Detect

Attackers Operating on Your Network


We don't just develop security applications for our customers, we provide service enabling solutions that help businesses overcome their network traffic analysis and threat detection problems.

We develop intrusion detection and NTA solutions that are managed centrally and are simple to deploy, which lends itself to modern, software defined platforms that demand a subscription based or a Pay-As-You-Go model.

Having the ability to deploy sensors to the right network segments at the right time means modern businesses can protect even the most agile networks that spin up workflows on demand and for unpredictable lengths of time.

Our easy to operate User Web Portals visualise and contextualise your network traffic data and display simple intelligent alerts when our sensors detect a threat, thus easing the workload on your SOC security analysts and reducing the time to detect attacks.

For those businesses that demand high quality on premises solutions, we have partnered with a leading supplier of network visibility and monitoring solutions, enabling us to recommend the most complete intrusion detection and network traffic analysis we think is possible in a physical appliance, ideally suited to the small to medium size business (SMB) or Branch Office.




Intrusion Detection

Network Traffic Analysis

for the

Cloud Customer

Private, Public and Multi-Cloud Networks.



Intrusion Detection

Network Traffic Analysis

for the

Service Provider

Virtual Customer Premises Equipment



Intrusion Detection

Network Traffic Analysis

for the

Service Provider

Virtual Datacenter and




Intrusion Detection

Network Traffic Analysis

for the


On Premises Networks and

Branch Office

Don't Become the Next Victim to

Malware and Ransomware


Our solutions remove the complexity of deploying intrusion detection and network monitoring solutions, allowing your security analysts to clearly see the real attacks from the benign.


We remove the complexity typically involved in network traffic analysis, speeding up sensor deployments and enabling you to protect your most valuable assets, in the right place at the right time.


Combining IDS with our cost-effective network visibility solutions, means you don't have to spend huge amounts of money on the big ticket security appliances from other popular vendors. 


We give Service Providers the ability to add security as a service to their portfolio with no additional overhead or truck roll, saving money and increasing their profits.

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